• We both love it here and tell the same thing to anyone who wants to listen.
                     - Carol Kellogg

  • (Question) Who wants to be a millionaire? (Final Answer) You don't have to be one to feel like one and LIVE like one in Oak Run!!!
                     - Ruth Clark

  • Our first reaction was WOW! The location, the beauty and the affordability of Oak Run is what got us to choose it as our final home and we feel it is the best choice we could have made!
                     - Jack and Nancy Lillard

  • From the beautifully manicured boulevard to the exquisitely maintained pool complexes and recreational facilities, we are perfectly happy and feel very blessed. We thank God for Oak Run. This is Paradise!
                     - Andrew and Ingrid Crane

  • ...we find Oak Run nicer than we could have hoped. DECCA catered to our every request. It seems strange to say - but there is nothing more that we want from our community!
                     - Alan and Nerma Marcus

  • We left that weekend excited that we had finally found the place we wanted to call home.
                     - JoAnn and Fred Veale

  • Sue and I immediately fell in love with the Oak Run community. Management's enthusiasm and attention to detail is truly exciting.
                     -Dick and Sue Gujer




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